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Arlon DPF 8000 & L260

HP Latex 260 Printer

#1 FranciscoRojas 4 years ago

I´m looking for info about this Arlon vinyl, to print on my L260.

I can´t find the profile for this material and wonder if anybody have used it with the L260 or similar printer.

#2 David_Richard 4 years ago

Hi Francisco, while I do not have the profile for that specific media, my recommendation would be to start with HP Permanent Matte vinyl profile or something similar. The heat and curing should be right on target. If not, I would recommend 10-12 passes and heat settings around 120-130 for the dryer and from 195-230 for the curing to start with, 124-215 is what I would try.

#3 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

Hi FranciscoRojas,

David's profile recommendation sound great to me. HP doesn't have a specific profile for the Arlon DPF 8000 on the HP Latex 260 Printer, but it does for the HP Designjet L25500. If David's recommendation doesnt work for you, I will ask you to go to the HP Media Solution Locator, look for the profile for the HP Designjet L25500 and work from there. See the link below:\_mediaprofile\_arlon\_inc\_\_dpf\_8000.html#HP Designj...

#4 --- 4 years ago

hi francisco
I have the same problem, you could fix it?
What profile you used to print the dpf 8000?
Any help is appreciated!

#5 FranciscoRojas 4 years ago

We tried, but was too scared to screw up the machine with the glue from the DPF 8000, so we gave up with that media, we are going to be trying SUBSTANCE in a couple of weeks.

#6 ProColorGraphix 4 years ago

I s

#7 ProColorGraphix 4 years ago

I second the media from Substance. For an extremely aggressive vinyl, theirs works a lot better. Doesn't leave the mess like Arlons does.

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