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How to print Roll-up Banners

Easy to install, move around, transport and store, Roll-up Banners are a great way to create impactful Signs. While having a considerable size when installed, they can easily adapt to changes, as they can be placed in the most strategic locations at any given moment.

HP Latex Technology offers the possibility to create Roll-up Banners with all types of large format materials, including PVC- and PVC-free banners, like Polypropylene and Polyester fabrics.

This document will explain how to produce Roll-up Banners.

Learn more at

You can find templates to use at HP Application Center.

1. Open the Roll-ups app at

2. Select the “Backgrounds” tab from the left-hand navigation bar.

3. For editable social distancing and general hygienic themed templates, select the “COVID-19” folder. For illustrations to create your own poster,

select the “Objects” tab on the left, and choose “COVID-19”.


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