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#1 imagews 9 months ago

My HP 110 print on my stock 13 oz Gloss PVC/Vinyl Banner ( I don't know whether PVC & Vinyl are the same or not). The ink show bad coalescence, and bad bleed, which I don't have problem on the self adhesive roll or another Matte Vinyl Banner. Try to create new substrate profile but don't know how to save the ICC Profile, can someone help?n Eddie

#2 kelvin.ng5186 9 months ago

#1 latex 110 doesnt have internal spectrophotometer. you only can create the icc with external spectrophotometer device with rip with icc build function enable. or you could download the substrate profile from hp media locator.

#3 imagews 9 months ago

Thank you for the feedback! Here attached the printed output of the problem and seek any recommendation on selecting the right substrate profile or similar one as it is printed on un-branded banner material which we bought years ago, but it print well on Roland Printer.. Regards

#4 kelvin.ng5186 9 months ago

#3 from the attach image, that looks like is your material issue, you can try using a wet cloth and wipe the substrate surface befor print.

#5 imagews 9 months ago

Hi Kelvin,

You are right! I tried different method to text print the banner on my HP110 with different pass, different dpi up to 600x600 and it don't work. But I follow your comment to use Isopropyl Alcohol cleaning portion of the substrate and print 150x150 even with only 6 pass, it show the differences per attached photos. Would like to share here for others to learn too.

BTW, shall I say these vinyl banner substrate are useless, or they might be use on other eco-solvent, UV ink or we have to throw them away?

Regards and again, really appreciate the forum allowing us to share

#6 HP-Sonia 9 months ago

Thanks you @imagews for sharing your learnings. And thanks @kelvin.ng5186 for your explanations.

#7 kelvin.ng5186 9 months ago

#5 suspect is the plasticizer effect, that can be coating issue or maybe the media is store too long. you can try to exchange with your media supplier if you just brought it.

#8 mikalshone6391 2 months ago

May be Ink is not of Good Quality for Vinyl Banner you may have check coating issue or check printer. Check More about Vinyl Banners at:

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