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Woocommerce checkout price not showing the tax

#1 pip5330 10 months ago

I've got the Woocommerce store to show prices inclusive of tax at the product level and in the cart/basket/checkout. The calculated price before going into HPWallArt show the price correctly inclusive of tax (second price line in sidebar). The price shows correctly in the last page in the HPWallArt design Tool before clicking to return to the website's basket. But when the customer returns to the basket on the website the price isn't being pulled through correctly and shows a price that says it's inclusive of tax but is in fact the pre tax price. Any ideas why this might be and how to resolve? Thanks in advance.

#2 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

#1 Hello The flow that you are describing is correct so it will be useful if you can send us some screen shots of the path you are following so I can identify the issue. Looking forward to seeing your comments

#3 pip5330 10 months ago

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for coming to help. I've attached some screen grabs. As you can see everything seems fine until you return to the woocommerce cart at which the price has changed from the previous indications. Any ideas?

#4 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

In the snapshot I can see that the tax option 'Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax' is selected. This means the price returned from the designer includes the tax, hence tax is not added to Cart. If you want to add the tax you need to choose the option 'No, I will enter price exclusive of tax'. And In Shipping tab of WooCommerce settings, please select 'None' in the Tax status drop-down to avoid tax on shipping charges.

We made changes in setting, Please refer the snapshots.

I hope this information helps and you are able to introduce the TAX line.

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