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Re: NEW Wallart Suite

#1 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

I´ve been using the new wallart suite for two days and I´m loving it. Just testing and playing around with it before we start using it for real in our website.

BUT theres a couple of things that are busting my .... head.

The prices, it seems pricing is only thought for Euros and Dollars.... Here in Chile we use neither of those as in other countries, here we use CLP (Chilean Peso) and the conversion is something like 1.0 Us Dollar = 729 CLP

Also we do not use decimals on our prices, always is a round number.

When I try to set the price on my substrates, I use round numbers, but on the designer it shows me another price... Heres a Picture.

First, setting the fixed price on the SETTINGS for my wallpapers.(ROUND NUMBERS)

Then, on the wallart designer the price is shown as this:

Why does this happens?? How can I fix it?

Also, Is there any chance to use a . (dot) to separate thousands?

I really hope somebody... out there... can help with this.


#2 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi FranciscoRijas,

There’s a bug between pricing set inside HP WallArt Suite and Designers pricing. Right now our development team is already working on it to fix it as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

#3 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Another thing,

I´m having differences in pricing between the old suite and the new one.

In the new one the same picture is more expensive than the old suite, using the exact same picture in the old suite it show a $16.8 price , in the new one is something like $60

I dont know why is this, any idea?

#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi FranciscoRojas,

Than you for your feedback. We've found some mismatching related to pricing. Right now they're working on it to provide a solution to the issues you're experiencing.

I'll come back to you once everything will be fixed.

#5 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Any news on this?

It seems that I´m gonna have to upgrade my RIP to 10.1 (Caldera) to be able to use the wallart suite, but it seems you have too many issues or bugs with the new suite, so I´m not very happy on doing the upgrade if the suite is not ready to go.

You still have pricing issues on the suite.

Regards from Chile

#6 krimat 3 years ago

Hi Marc,

do you know when bugs will be fixed in the new Wallart ?

Can we switch back to old version..without any problems later in switching order to hopefully have it working until the new version works ?



#7 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi to all,

First of all, I will like to thank you for your feedback. I've received some news from the HP WallArt Suite team referring the different questions and petitions you've made:

  1. The HP WallArt Suite team is working on adding decimals to the price options and also using dots "." as separation will be included soon.
  2. Fotolia pictures are now more expensive because the price includes the VAT (value added tax) directly to the price. HP WallArt Suite is working on offering the VAT amount separately.
  3. It will be possible to introduce the desired material as default material together with a description of it. (WallArt Default Material)
  4. They will add the option to enable/disable the Multiwall and Augmented Reality as desired. Krimat: You can continue using the old version as long as you haven't upgrade your RIP version yet.

This changes are expected to be implemente soon. I will update you once the changes will be applied.

#8 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Hello Marc,

I´m still trying out the new wallart suite, and I can see you are making a couple of changes to it for good.

I´m still having a couple of thoughts with the new wallart, and I was wondering, if you are still making changes, if you could do a couple of things to the Spanish spoken users. Heres a couple of pictures:

Here you can see the price bug is fixed, but the price still show two decimals.

Is there any chance to get a price to look something like this?(second picture, price in green)

And, when you get to the point of placing the order, the prices are still messed up, the price for a 6 square meters wall, with a price of 12.500 clp/mt2 should be 75.000 clp...not 74.997,25

Also, will there be an option to avoid the use of decimals?

If HP are still working on the suite, it would be awesome if you could make it look something like this:

(changes on green)

At least for the southamerican market.

I hope I´m not being a pain in the neck with all this things about the new suite, we love the wallart suite, but the new changes are killing us if they are not friendly with our costumers.


#9 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Pictures too small, sorry, here they are, in order.





#10 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi Francisco,

As always, I'll like to thank you for your feedback. i've sent it to the HP WallArt Suite team in order to have them aware of your demands. bu now, this is what they told me:

  • Here you can see the price bug is fixed, but the price still show two decimals. Is there any chance to get a price to look something like this?(second picture, price in green)
    • We are looking forward in order to include the option that will allow PSPs to swap between on a numerical system to another.
  • And, when you get to the point of placing the order, the prices are still messed up, the price for a 6 square meters wall, with a price of 12.500 clp/mt2 should be 75.000 clp...not 74.997,25
    • We’ve reported this issue in order to have consistency on the calculus that are posted to end-users.
  • Also, will there be an option to avoid the use of decimals?
    • Right now the system is designed to allow users to design under a custom area to fill with Wallcovering, Canvas… having an area without a fractional part could limit the usage of the tool for end-users.

As you can see, thay are working on this issues. I guess thay are going to release a solution to them in an update soon.

#11 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Amazing, thanks for the reply.


#12 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Any news on the new wallart? In one month we will have to start using the new wallart and it still have a couple of details, when will it be 100% ready?

#13 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi FranciscoRojas.

We constantly improve and enhance HP WallArt Suite in order to embrace all of our customer requirements, some of them are not obvious or visible but they definitely improve PSP and end-user experience. We encourage you to login HP WallArt Suite in order to double check that everything meets your requirements otherwise please leave your comments.

#14 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

In this video you can see that, even when the price is set to have no decimal, wallart still show the price with two decimals.

#15 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

0:56 - The pricing still shows the two decimals, the price was set without decimals but wallart still show two decimals.

1:06 - Price per sq. meter with two decimals.

1:13 - Wall size was set to 3,1 meters by 2,25 meter. Wallart shos decimals again.

1:24 - There should be an option so no decimals are shown in the final price for the wall.

1:32 - Pricing is not the same, in the old wallart suite the price was cheaper, will the price for the pictures from fotolia be more expensive in the new wallart?

1:50 - In the old wallart suite, when the order was placed, the client was redirected to a thank you page on my website, even though now in the setting you are asked to put a thank you page URL, wallart does not redirecto you to that web page.

#16 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

I´m checking regularly the new wallart to see the improvements, and for the moment, those are the comments I have.

Looking forward to start using it, but we will need to know if those details will be fixed or will be stay at it is so we can see how we can use in a way is easy to use for our clients.


Francisco Rojas Ferrari

#17 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi FranciscoRojas,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately it´s not possible to remove decimals either the price or size right now, however we are working on to fix this issue, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Prices for pictures from fotolia are the same in HP WallArt than HP WallArt Suite. However in HP WallArt Suite appears all the breakdown price. Take a look at the following images:

HP WallArt Suite:

HP WallArt Solution:

In order to redirect to a website when you closes the designer you have to add the URL in your HP WallArt account: Settings > System configuration.

Hope this helps.

#18 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Hey Marc, no problem, theres no inconvinience yet just testing and reporting the things I see in the new wallart suite, I hope Im not starting to be a pain in the.... neck.

In a future, the decimals thing will be an option or do we just have to adapt to have the pricing with decimals?

We are starting to get everything together to be able to use the new suite, new RIP and new sales strategy in our company because we think is an amazing feature to have for our clients, we are even going to drupa to see the new LATEX and other things that can help us to grow even more.


Francisco Rojas Ferrari

#19 FranciscoRojas 3 years ago

Its been like a month and we cant use the new wallart suite yet, we already did the RIP upgrade, but the new wallart seems to not be doing any improvement, now, after trying the wallart app for ipad, We can still see the exact same problems we have pointed out since day one, and new ones too.

If I design from the computer, on the new wallart I see this:

Finally we get the price right on the desktop version of wallart, no "ghost" decimals. Thats great.

BUT when doing the design on the iPad aplication we got this:

We have our material options duplicated. Prices shows the "ghost" decimals... Why is this happening? Can it be fixed? I tried to see in the setting options of wallart if theres a way to fix it, but couldnt find it.

Then we go to the quotation part.


Something is very wrong with the mathematics here, multiplication and the size in square meters showing 4 decimals in the desktop version, but in the ipad version it shows 2 decimals... as it should be, as it was in the old wallart version:

And then again, the multiplication here is wrong.

Will this things be fixed anytime before we HAVE to do the new wallart suite?

#20 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

HI Francisco,

Thank you for your feedback. I've sent it to the HP WallArt Suite's team and they are working on it. they said it will be fixed in the new update (do not know the exact date).

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