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Re: HP WallArt

#1 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Do you want to ask something about HP WallArt, then this is your topic.

#2 MariaDiaz 5 years ago


I'm new in HP WallArt and I've some doubts.

could anyone help me to understand how to manage Fotolia content in WallArt?

If I've already an account in Fotolia, how can be linked to WallArt now?

#3 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi MariaDiaz,

Since the answer to your question would be too long, I've uploaded a couple of articles with the answers to your questions in the "Resources & News" section. Here you have the links.

How to manage Fotolia content in WallArt?

If I've already an account in Fotolia, how can be linked to WallArt now?

I hope this will help you.

#4 MariaDiaz 5 years ago

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Thank you MarcThank you Marc Spoiler (Highlight to read)Another doubt is hoAnother doubt is ho

We are offering and selling our decoration products mainly by our web

how can I integrate HP WallArt in my web site.

What about e commerce?

#5 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi MariaDiaz,

Yesterday we've uploaded some documents about HP WallArt in the Resources & News section of the platform.

This visual guide will explain you hoe to integrate the HP WallArt to your personal webpage:

HP WallArt Quick Guide: Web Integration

#6 JinYun_Roger 5 years ago

About the web integration, can i use fotolia photo in my website ,just like create some photo collection?

#7 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi JinYun_Roger, welcome to the forum.

Based on the Fotolia’s Terms and Conditions, ( I'm afraid to tell you that you CANNOT use the Fotolia's content in your own web page. It’s not allowed to include Fotolia content on any external website due to intellectual property and legal policies.

Even if the image purchase is done thru WallArt, the following disclaimer appears:

If you need more information I will suggest you to contact the Fotolia's support web page:

#8 Thurmanator 5 years ago

Hi, do you know of any uk printers that have HP Wall art linked to their website?

#9 Thurmanator 5 years ago

Hi, another question is when I have purchased an image from fotolia can I then add this to my companies library for future use?

#10 JuanKossoff 5 years ago

Hi there Thurmanator .... I was about to ask the same question !!

#11 --- 5 years ago

Hi Thurmanator,

Your question is similar to the one asked by JinYun_Roger. As long as I know, the content purchased from Fotolia is intended to be used for your wallcovering/poster/canvas creation individually, based on the Fotolia's Terms and Conditions (

I will like to ask you to contact Fotolia's Support web page in case you need more information:

Although personally I don't know any HP WallArt users that has integrated the solution to its web page (obviously I do not know all the customers) i can provide you a PDF with some examples:

HP WallArt web page integration examples

I hope this will help you.

#12 Thurmanator 5 years ago

We are nearing the launch of our new website and we have included a wallart page, this has been personalised to our company as per the guidlines and allows our clients to use, our library, the HP one or the fotolia one. Can you tell me if any other printers in the UK have launched their own bespoke Wallart page yet?

I have asked people who have no knowledge of Wall art to follow the online instructions and to be honest they struggle to complete the design and the feedback is that they would have probably given up and looked for an alternative supplier with a more user friendly website...

Are HP looking at making the process more user friendly? and have you received any similar comments?



#13 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi Thurmanator,

In my last post, I've attached a file with several examples of web integration of the HP WallArt Solution, but none of them are from England, but i think that you can still use them as examples.

I really will like to help you with your problem, but I will need more information, such as where did you get stacked, otherwise, I will not be able to help you. in case you want to receive a more personalized attention, I will recommend you to contact the HP WallArt Support team (

We know that integrate the HP WallArt tool on your webpage is more complicated than just add a link. We are developing some tutorials and tools in order to make it a more user-friendly process. Even though, if you can provide me a more information about you problem, I will try to help you as much as possible.

#14 FranciscoRojas 5 years ago

When designing canvas, is there an option so the pdf file is made as a gallery wrap or with the wallart solution you only get the mirror wrap?

#15 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi FranciscoRojas,

WallArt, by default, always applies a mirror-wrap to the canvas images. This technique ables you to stretch the canvas without loosing any part of the image on the sides and neither leaving white margins:

The width of the mirrored area can be defined on the WallArt Production settings:

If you don’t want to apply a mirror-wrap on the edges of the image, we would recommend to use the feature of Wall Poster instead of Canvas and then print the PDF file on canvas media substrate leaving enough white margins for stretching the image around the canvas.

Hope this helps!

#16 JinYun_Roger 5 years ago

How can i add new object in my own content?

(what kind of file format?)

#17 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi JinYun_Roger,

A PSP who have a WallArt account, can upload content to make it available to all their end-users by going to the WallArt Dashboard and clicking on the Content tab.

Remember: HP WallArt requires images to be at least 1000 pixels in width and height and a file size of 500 MB or less. The following file formats are accepted: PNG, JPG , TIFF and PDF.

End users can upload their own images by simply clicking on the “Image Upload” button in the Designer:

#18 Sid 5 years ago


I run my website using Magento and would like to integrate the wallart designer with my site. Do you have any specific suggestions for integration with the Magento e-commerce platform or a Magento Plug-in.

Thanks & Regards,


#19 HP-MarcM 5 years ago

Hi Sid,

You could access the Web Integration features on the global settings in your HP WallArt account:

From the Web Integration tab, you could click on the “Go to developers page” link which will take you to the instructions for the WallArt Platform API, as well as resources and sample code to allow you to deeply integrate the HP WallArt Solution within your existing site.

Nowadays we do not have any specific plug-in for Magento.

For your specific case, if you need help with Magento e-commerce services, I will recommend you to contact with them, since they will help you much better then us (

If you can provide me some more details or information about what are you trying to do or what is failing, I will try to help you on detecting what went wrong.

#20 --- 5 years ago

Is there a set of images or materials we can use to promote wall paper printing to our customers?

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