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.OMS or .OML

#1 annette5050 a year ago

I am trying to download a .uml profile from Avery to my Latex 365 but it says that the file is corrupt. Is it not possible to download the file to the printer via my computer?

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

Although, the Media Solutoion Locator has changed the look and feel this video has the information that you are looking for.

#3 annette5050 a year ago

Thank you Sonia but I did not express me in the right way. Is it not possible to add a .OML profil to the printer since it says that the file is faulty?

#4 HP-Sonia a year ago

#3 An OML is a file that only ONYX can open. On HP printers you can only install OMS substrate profiles from the Embedded Web Server. You should select the OML that you desired and install into ONYX. I hope this helps

#5 Invid 9 months ago

#4 So how do you export OMS files from the printer? I have an HP Latex 360

#6 HP-Jordi 9 months ago

#5 I recommend to watch this video first:

Although, your printer is different that the one shown on the video, the steps are the same.

Then, on your question on how to export OMS files from the printer you should follow these steps on the embeded web server:

Go to setup:

Then, go to substrate presets management

I hope this information helps.

#7 Invid 9 months ago

#6 I am transferring OMS files to another computer/printer. I notice I get a message on some OMS files. On HP Latex 360 screen it says "this package cannot be installed with the current release installed in the printer".

#8 HP-Sonia 9 months ago

#7 Yes this is possible some firmware versions are not compatible and some profiles cannot be shared between some model printers. You should upgrade your Firmware if you cannot do it yourself you should contact your support services.

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