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Incorrect Price [relatively urgent]

#1 Matt_DO 2 years ago

hey guys

On our clients website, once you return from HP Wallart the prices are incorrect. The website is

The issue is that once you go through the whole process, Wallart sends you back to the website but the price is incorrect. It seems to be the price that is set in WooCommerce.

If this is something that we need to configure please let us know but otherwise it seems that this plugin isn't working as intended.


#2 Matt_DO 2 years ago

Also, it's probably worth noting that we're using the latest version of the plugin: 5.5.2

#3 Matt_DO a year ago

Hey guys, any update on this please? Customers aren't able to checkout properly. Just looked at the latest update ( 5.5.3 ) but couldn't see any fix.


#4 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @Matt_DO

Sorry for being silence that long but we were checking the whole process to see why was giving you the wrong pricing. As the developers need to ask you about your profile and WallArt account I suggest you to contact directly. I am sorry I am not able to help you this time.

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