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HP Wallart and Wix

#1 Signmark 2 years ago


Does anyone have experience or the knowledge of how or if Wallart can be fully integrated into a site hosted on WIX?

Thank you.

#2 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Unfortunately, we don’t have any feedback coming from an integration done with Wix. However the Access token based authorization was specially designed to work with all hosting sites. About performing a full integration method, this should work for you with any trouble, the only inconvenient is that you will have to do it from scratch.

Some information that might help you decide or choose what your next steps is to take a look at a dummy site that we have. This will guide you to an entire workflow setup, sometimes is not too obvious reaching this but it is really useful as a model to complete a full integration API. You can find this informatio on the developers website that is provided in your HP Applications Center account at settings > web integration> developers website or directly through this URL

I also would like to clarify that you might require an experienced developer with knowledge on web development, JSON and server-side scripting languages to reach their goals with.

Here are some examples that will give you a better idea of some demo integrations with different methods. The second one is done in Word Press, we know that you want to use Wix, but just to give you an example.

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#3 soyeb 4 months ago

So I had my web integration done with a developer, quite a while back, worked fine. Then the handshake with the api stopped working came up with as message when link clicked :

"Error in oAuth handshake with http://mywebsite"

Asked for support on here did'nt get any

spoke to my developer said everything is fine on my end need to talk to HP on there side.

I thought let me login to find my integration settings and its all changed and there is no option to get in to Integration settings.

Requested to have an Opencart integration and noting ever happened.

Also to note: when the integration settings were available it didnt work then either and everything seemed fine then but now is completely changed

lost at least 150k sales because of this. Thanks HP.

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