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HP Signage Suite - T-Shirt and other problem

#1 gh0stid 8 months ago


I have an HP Latex 360 printer and run a Graphtec FC8600-160 cutter

I print on HeatVinyl AND cut afterwards on my cutter.

so .. lemme tell you first hand, I CAN DO T-Shirt, Sticker, Car Decals etc...

BUT apparentely HP Signage Suite think I cant ?

It will let my customer create a project ( I am the test customer .. ) from step 1 to last step. and ask for a price quote instead of finishing it ( im GOOD with it.. my printer is not 100% online all the time, plus I would need to switch roll etc.. etc.. great setting here !)

YET when im in the dashboard, apparentely reviewing a project HP deem my printer incapable of doing, I cannot find where to download the file associated to it?

I can only assume, since HP tell me my printer is not suited for that application, it wont let me proceed ?

Still , I do car decals, home wall decals, sticker, wallpaper, and t-shirt with that printer cutter combination...

little help here please ?

thank you for future reply !

#2 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

Hello @gh0stid

What Rip are you using? Is it compatible with Wallart Suite?

#3 gh0stid 8 months ago


RIP is Caldera Grand VIsual RIP v10

#4 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

Hello @gh0stid

Can you please send us a Screenshot of dashboard, and a Screenshot of an order page displaying the problem (inside HP application center). Let's see if you can solve the issue.

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