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HP Signage Suite - T-Shirt and other problem

#1 gh0stid 2 years ago


I have an HP Latex 360 printer and run a Graphtec FC8600-160 cutter

I print on HeatVinyl AND cut afterwards on my cutter.

so .. lemme tell you first hand, I CAN DO T-Shirt, Sticker, Car Decals etc...

BUT apparentely HP Signage Suite think I cant ?

It will let my customer create a project ( I am the test customer .. ) from step 1 to last step. and ask for a price quote instead of finishing it ( im GOOD with it.. my printer is not 100% online all the time, plus I would need to switch roll etc.. etc.. great setting here !)

YET when im in the dashboard, apparentely reviewing a project HP deem my printer incapable of doing, I cannot find where to download the file associated to it?

I can only assume, since HP tell me my printer is not suited for that application, it wont let me proceed ?

Still , I do car decals, home wall decals, sticker, wallpaper, and t-shirt with that printer cutter combination...

little help here please ?

thank you for future reply !

#2 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @gh0stid

What Rip are you using? Is it compatible with Wallart Suite?

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#3 gh0stid 2 years ago


RIP is Caldera Grand VIsual RIP v10

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#4 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @gh0stid

Can you please send us a Screenshot of dashboard, and a Screenshot of an order page displaying the problem (inside HP application center). Let's see if you can solve the issue.

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#5 lazarusleo0077939 2 days ago

To decide if mass is the best choice for you, you have to find out the figures you are predicting for the shirts. Then screen printing is your way to go, if it is. But the downside is that you're going to end up with a major upfront expense and then you're stuck if you can't sell the tees.

If you have concerns about the likeliness of their ability to sell, then your best bet is to print to order. The profit margins are lower, so you would not lose out, but there is no up-front-cost. You can either do so through an established website (cafepress, lilpeepmerch, etc.) so specializes in this, or you can directly access a printer.

You will have power over the tees they use if you directly approach the printer hellboy t shirt but the cost will depend on the brand. Gildan is common, for instance, and fairly inexpensive, but the cut is very baggy. Fruit from the Loom is a little more costly, and I personally find it on the waist for quite a long time.

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