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HP Latex 54 cutter off center

#1 thomas.domenz5855 7 months ago

So, I have used my new cutter a handful of times with no issues. All of a sudden it's now cutting almost exactly 1/8 of an inch to the right. How do I remedy this so the cutter is cutting where I WANT IT TO?

#2 Paul Wagner 7 months ago

If the cutting offset is consistent, the next step would be to run the OPOS Calibration. This is run on the cutter and does not involve the printer. Take a sheet/ roll of black vinyl (ideally this is vinyl for cutting) with a paper release liner, load it into the cutter, and run the OPOS Calibration from the front panel.

The cutter will cut a square about 1 inch in size. After cutting, carefully weed the square so that the white paper back shows. Next, complete the calibration from the front panel. The cutter will identify the edges of the square, and update the calibration data based on this.

#3 robin6218 4 months ago

#2 This dosent help for me. I got the same problem

#4 paulelw 3 months ago

#2 Calibrate OPOS Sensor (Using black adhesive vinyl on a roll). Check that OPOS has not become loose and moving when engaging the media. Check that pinch wheels and main rollers are not dirty or covered in anything that may hinder it's movement. Check that cutting strip is not damaged especially after a lot of Perforation cutting. Check file and corresponding layout of barcode. Use alternate files to test.

All these can be remedied by end-user except of r a wobbly/moving OPOS which will need to be replaced by a Technician.

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