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HP Latex 360 & 365 Banding when print Orange & Magenta color

#1 Henry 2 weeks ago

Hey, We facing banding issue on Orange & Magenta color print Branded White Sticker Matte using Latex 360 & 365. Settings as :- 8P_CMYKcm_90, Temperature 100 Optimizer level 15 and vacuum 30, having horizontal banding, we printed same jobs using same settings 1 months ago. We printed printhead test plot and all nozzle were nice. We try replaced all printheads and test again, but same result.

When we use 10Pass, Both horizontal and vertical banding appear!! I have no idea how it happen. We tried use different RIP ( caldera, onyx and Saiflexi) but doesnt help.

Its doesn't look like normal banding line, more like magenta/ light magenta color lines and color uneven.

OMAS cleaned, Advance calibration, clean platen and clean encoder strip all had done.

Anyone can help? SOS

#2 Botakwoo 2 weeks ago

Same issue here but no solution so far. Hope that HP never ask you increase passes to 12 or 16 for sticker printing. Good luck bro.

#3 HP-rana a week ago

First, I would suggest that you check and/or replace the maintenance cartridge in case the problem is due to the printheads not being cleaned correctly.

Failing that, the User Guide has some guidance on this type of problem (specifically the vertical banding in low-to-medium density areas of solid colour - see Appendix A on page 191.

I would suggest that you try the following :

  1. Warm up the printer before printing this job, either by printing something else just before it, or by selecting "Prepare to print" in the RIP before sending this print job.
  2. Add an inter-pass delay offset (in the Advanced settings of the print mode) of 100-200mS.
  3. You could also try reducing the vacuum in steps of 5.

thanks -rana-

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