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Help! Hp latex 64 cutter not cutting on contour lines.

#1 Brett2985 4 months ago

a couple of weeks ago my cutter no longer cuts on contour lines. everything is like a 1/4" off. updated firmware and checked blade length everything looks good. also ran opus test and the machine cut that out perfectly. just when I do my own graphics with the bar code it's off, attached is an example.

#2 HP-ColorGuy 4 months ago

Make sure that all software and firmware elements are up to date:

HP Flexi Print & Cut 12 is build number 2898

Cutter firmware is md9985_034

Printer firmware (3x5 Series) is NEXUS_03_14_00.8

#4 robin6218 4 months ago

I´ve got the exact same problem. I have had it several times and after some days it working again and then it all starts over again... So have you found any solution for this problem?

#5 HP-Sonia 4 months ago

Check the OPOS sensor is clean and calibrate the OPOS sensor. If the issue persists contact support.

#6 paulelw 3 months ago

#1 Calibrate OPOS Sensor (Using black adhesive vinyl on a roll). Check that OPOS has not become loose and moving when engaging the media. Check that pinch wheels and main rollers are not dirty or covered in anything that may hinder it's movement. Check that cutting strip is not damaged especially after a lot of Perforation cutting. Check file and corresponding layout of barcode. Use alternate files to test.

All these can be remedied by end-user except of r a wobbly/moving OPOS which will need to be replaced by a Technician.

#7 rcabrera6453 2 months ago

Hi, i have the same problem, like a month ago my cutter no longer cuts on contour lines. I already update the firmware, calibrate OPOS sensor, the pinch wheels and main rollers are not dirty, the file is OK, checked blade length and everything looks good but it still having the same problem... Please Help and thank you...
See attached photo.

#8 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

You should check that no parts are loose and that the media is not slipping. You can check this by looking at the pinwheel marks on the back of the media. You should see a perfect imprint of the pinch wheels.

Please ensure that the media you are using is HP Latex Ink certified and you are using the correct media profile with finishing for cutting available.

Please let me know if this information helps.

#9 rcabrera6453 2 months ago

#8 Hi Sonia, no parts are loose, and the media is ok, there's no slipping. And yes i'm using the correct HP media and profile, it still have the problem. Nothing chance.

#10 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

I am afraid there is nothing else we can do from here. Please contact your HP Support Service, they will be able to have a look at the flow that you are doing and see where is the problem. I am sorry I cannot be of much help this time.

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