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Grayscale on Latex 360??

#1 Graphikal 3 years ago

We have the need to print grayscale canvas wraps on our 360, using Flexi. There are no settings we see for true grayscale. Called Flexi and they say the 360 can't print grayscale. Can that be right??? Our grayscale images are printing heavily magenta. If not directly, does anybody know workaround (manipulating curves, etc.)?? Frustrating. Whodathunk in 2016 I'd have to ask if a printer can handle grayscale.

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#2 StephenOrange 3 years ago

Hi Graphikal,

While I don't have a 360 (we run 280's still), I can tell you, and gaurentee you, that your machine is capabale of beautiful neutral grayscale prints. I've printed tonnes of our overflow work on our equipment partner's demo 360 and have never had a problem hitting good grayscale prints, or any process capable colour.

The reason for your problem can stem from many points, so just get your supplier in and systematically work through the issues. Head qaulity, linearisation, profiling, media usage, etc etc. You have a problem somewhere, but you WILL be able to print what you're expecting once sorted out.

Good luck.

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#3 Graphikal 3 years ago

Thanks Stephen - that's a relief to hear. Next call is to HP directly.

Appreciate you taking the time to respond.


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#4 dypinc 3 years ago

Can't believe Flexi would give you an answer like that. Some RIPs call it "Black as Inkjet Black", some call it "Pure Primaries". Maybe Flexi doesn't support it but the L360 can be made to print using black ink only if that is what you mean by grayscale. How does Flex expect you to get a good rich latex black if they don't allow you to print a pure 100% black just like the black of the diagnostic and calibration prints.

Of course if you want a less peppery look then maybe you want to use the lc/lm inks, with a good calibration and profile neutral grays are achievable. But with canvas using lc/lm inks is probably not necessary.

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#5 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hello Graphikal,

Gray scales colors are controlled at the ICC color profile. To adjust this, you need to create a good ICC for gray controls, and this is not an available option at the profiling settings at the printer front panel.

My recommendation would be to control this from the RIP and enable the checkbox of gray balance and follow recommended steps to get a good gray balance. Please see the screenshots below:

However, if you are experiencing further inconsistencies in your printings I will ask for support to SAi or to your reseller, as in no case the printer can deliver a magenta - gray.

I hope this answer helps.

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#6 TG-Frank 3 years ago

Have you ever tried to recalibrate the profile you use with the internal profiler? Some of the default profiles have a tendency to print reddish, and need to be recalibrated. We have nice greys with calibrated media.

Check the age of your heads too. I have seen reddish prints too with very old heads.

And: in flexi, in the colour management-settings, you could set "pure hue" to black and grayscale, so black and gray will be printed with black ink only. But you will have less vivid black and rough dithering.

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#7 Graphikal 3 years ago

Thank you for the response. These are new heads, we've recalibrated, created a new profile with the built-in profiler, and we've tried the 'pure hue' trick at the recommendation of SAi.

The magenta really appears in the mid and transitional tones. It's getting frustrating. Even after creating the custom profile, we then printed the 'test image' built into the HP, and the grayscale gradient still prints with magenta.

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#8 Graphikal 3 years ago

Marc - I can't clearly make out these images. On Pinterest, I'm unable to enlarge (unless I'm doing something wrong - not a Pinterest guy). Where are these screenshots taken from? Is that from Flexi, or some other software?

And if I understand you correctly, are you saying don't use the built-in profiler on the HP, but instead use an external software tool to make the profile?


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#9 twmiller24 3 years ago

This sounds like what we went through for months until HP came in and changed the firmware. My guess is your light magenta head is shot - update your firmware, change the LM head, and recalibrate. Then see how it does.

You should get an excellent neutral gray.

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#10 Graphikal 3 years ago

Problem solved. Thank you EVERYONE for your responses. And everyone was correct - each of these could have been the fail point. For us, it was simply the profile.

We are printing on Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas, from Lexjet. The thing we were most excited about with the 360 was the ability to create our own profiles. Well, it seems they aren't the best, which is disappointing. After a lengthy talk with HP tech support, checking heads, doing ink drop tests, etc. (very patient and knowledgable rep) we called Lexjet. They informed us there was a canned profile, which was not available previously. Downloaded that, and much better grayscales. I think we'll stick to medias that have profiles already available from now on. (here's a quick mobile snap of the difference):

This was weighing on us and we were frustrated and disappointed thinking we wouldn't get good grays with this machine. I'm glad folks posted saying we absolutely should as it kept us digging for an answer and we learned a lot in the process. Thanks again!

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