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Printheads are low on ink

#1 Fodin 4 months ago


What do event log lines "X-X printhead is low on ink" for all printheads mean? What can I do to get rid of them? I have print issues related to green tint appearing in light gray. Attached picture is from service manual.

#2 HP-Sonia 4 months ago

Can you specify the printer that you are using?

#3 Fodin 4 months ago

Latex 315

#4 HP-Sonia 4 months ago

What you see are the previous issues messages. You don’t need to worry to see this on the Service plot. The current errors are displayed in the Front Panel. What you need to do is to clean the color sensor, as it might be dirty, then perform a CLC. If it's only this color you are having problems with, then you can also use an external spectrophotometer to change the spot color or create an ICC profile.

#5 Fodin 4 months ago

#4 I've never seen those messages on Front panel. Does Latex 315 have color sensor? I have isuue with fading color during long printing. I've attached orginal image and printed one with issue. Issue started long before this printing and just before this printing i changed LM/LC printhead with a new one. As it shown on photo printer starts to print well and then magenta (or LM?) is fading during the printing and doesn't appear at later printing. I cleaned printheads, I printed printheads test - it is perfect.

#6 HP-Sonia 4 months ago

The HPLatex 315 printer has a color sensor, it does not have a spectrophotometer.

Have you replaced the PrintHead? If the PrintHead is over 100% use color issues may appear. You can check the Service Plot to check the PrintHead usage and replace them.

From your picture, you should contact your reseller to revise the printer if changing the PH does not solve the issue.

#7 Fodin 4 months ago

All printheads are under 50% of usage. LC/LM is new. Ink cartridges are expired for 3 months but similar issue appeared about half year ago when ink were on warranty.

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