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Light Magenta/Light Cyan Pint Heads Last Only After One Print Job

#1 apcguam 2 months ago

On a Latex 370 printer the Light Magenta/Light Cyan doesn't last long. Physically there is nothing wrong with it. It prints fine with no missing nozzles. It just seams to starve or not lay down as much as it should. I always have to change it out and it prints correctly after that. But it prints correctly after only about 10 ft of material then is starts to fade away. If I do a color calibration it prints fine with no banding but it still no longer prints correctly. I have to replace it again. Usually greys should be grey but it comes out yellowish.

All settings are the same. Intermediate cartridges are full. Print head clean was done. Color calibration done. I wasted about 10 LM/LC print heads. One for every job.

#2 HP Daniela Ciolompea 2 months ago

Hi @apcguam,

My recommendation would be to check and clean the PHs, then print a plot of 36x12 inches in Magenta. If you are still having issues, please contact HP support.

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#3 HP-ColorGuy 2 months ago

What is the status of each of the light inks (are they possibly expired)? You can get this information from the front panel of the printer, under the inks menu.

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#4 jeff.bird7424 2 months ago

I would actually look at a couple things. If you have had several of these heads that have failed under very short use, you may want to determine the following:

  1. Ensure you inks are full, not near expiration and that you have re-seated them.
  2. Have you used the deionized water method to clean the head prior to after the head was deemed a problem, drip 3 drops and wait10 seconds, repeating 3 times on the face of the nozzles, ten blot the nozzles against a lint free cloth for 3 - 6 seconds, allowing it to wick out a good amount of ink from the head prior to wiping it off and installing it.
  3. Have you looked at the drop nozzle detection for the head. to see if cleaning it has resolved the nozzle deficiencies.
  4. Have you removed and looked at the Maintenance Cartridge, cleaned the wiper and rollers with luke warm water on a clean cloth for the colour and the OP channels, DO NOT mix the cloths, use a new clean area when cleaning it pr a separate cloth. Inspect the maintenance shelf and make sure there is no sign of leak, or contamination of the OP head/channel.
  5. If OP drops are detected, remove that head and inspect it, it is possible with damage that it can contaminate other heads if leaking. 6.Print the Colour Cal, to ensure the Lt Cyan Lt Mag head is printing correctly. You could try printing magenta and cyan at a 25% fill to have the printer use that head, print a patch 36x12 inches to determine if there is a deficiency.
  6. If under warranty call the support channel for consumables and have them walk you through some troubleshooting to see if there is a root cause that tey can identify.

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