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Wierd Speckled / Noisy Mottle pattern appearing on print.

#1 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

Hello @Blackwell-Print

From the picture that you have post it seem it is an issue with plasticizer migration on the substrate.

I suggest you 2 things:

  • Clean the surface of the substarte with isopropyl alcohol
  • Return the roll to the Media Vendor

#2 Blackwell-Print 8 months ago

Ok, thanks, I'll try and print on another vinyl stock that we have and see if the problem remains.


#3 Blackwell-Print 8 months ago

Hi all we have an HP Latex 330 installed just over a year ago, and it's great.

However just recently the prints on our Vinal Self Adhesive Gloss stock have been coming out a bit strange. Not sure if it's the subsrate itself or a substrate settings issue. All the print heads have been renewed too. See photos for examples of print quality. This was particularly bad this morning when the room was quite cold and the print material was also cold. Would this cause this issue to occur?

Cheers guys,

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