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What issue is causing this?

#1 pideas1 10 months ago

I ran and print and got some serious banding. I'm not sure what's causing it. I'm cleaning the printheads.

See attached photo.

Any ideas?

#2 lerouxjul2 10 months ago

Media advancement problem or old printheads ?

#3 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

Hello @pideas1

From the image that I see I can suggest causes:

-Printheads issue, too old PH or not cleaned. Recommendation: Clean Printheads (from FP -> menu image-quality maintenance-> clean PH), reseat and align them (from FP -> menu image-quality maintenance-> align PH) if issue persist and if finally is needed replace the affected ones

-Advance problem recommendations: Perform a substrate advance calibration (from FP -> menu image-quality maintenance-> OMAS calibration)

-Too low number of passes, recommendation: Increase number of passes

-Media not compatible with the printer. Recommendation: Use a certified media, you can find the appropriate media for your printer on the Media Solution Locator.

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