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Wavey Patterns in Print HP Latex 310

#1 WrapThatCar 2 months ago

Has anyone else experienced this wavy rippled pattern while printing? I am using an HP Latex 310 and printing on 3M IJ35 at 10 Pass with 100% Saturation and a temperature of 241. This pattern has been happening throughout the entire print (about 40'), and I'm not sure if it's a printing problem or a media problem. I have tried adjusting my heat levels, but that does not make a difference. I have also tried to clean an area with alcohol and do a test print to see if it is plasticizer issue. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

#2 WrapThatCar 2 months ago

I'm sorry. I think I posted this in the wrong section of the forum (my 1st time). I have moved it to the Printers forum topics.

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