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Using larger 775ml ink cartridges in the 115

HP Latex 100 Series

#1 rabtech 9 months ago

I am looking at the 400ml and the 775ml cartridge and Im trying to figure out what I cant use the 775ml that is used in the 300/500 in the 115.

Am i missing somthing>?

I need access to a lot more ink and the 400ml is just to small.

#2 paulelw 9 months ago

Unfortunately that is a limitation of this model Printer. You would have to change/upgrade to a Latex 315 model or higher to utilize the larger ink cartridges.

#3 scrane5303 9 months ago

I have wondered what the actual limitation is. Is it a software issue? The cartridges look like they will physically fit. Will the machine just not recognize the 775ml cartridge?

#4 rabtech 9 months ago

I am curious as well. I need to order one and take a look at it. I need more ink than the 400ml. And I cant justify buying a 300 or 500 latex printer.

#5 scrane5303 9 months ago

#4 Please let us know what you figure out.

#6 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

The 775ml ink supplies are not compatible and will not be made compatible with the 100 series latex printers. This is a design choice .

#7 inkmasters196495 2 months ago

There's a lot of good choices you can make with your 775ml Ink Cartridges. Search your favorite ink and toner here.

#8 JLambert6517 a month ago

why is there an expanded slot on the 115 if it has no use???

#9 HP-Sonia a month ago

Hello @JLambert6517

I am afraid it has no use. This is a design choice.

#10 JLambert6517 a month ago

#9 So if i purchase the 831 ink instead of 821 it wont work? yet it uses an 831 maintenance block.? Ide like to hear from someone at HP on this. Seems like a Bad choice to not make them universal and im wondering why would HP make this choice if it is true. Because it just doesn't make sense unless this was a design oops.

#11 HP-Sonia a month ago

Hello JLambert6517!

The slots can support big carts, the FW cannot do it, so definitely this unit cannot use 775ml.

#12 adrianMAADFACTORY 2 weeks ago


hello: when do you think an FW update is possible so that 775ml cartridges can be used?

#13 kelvin.ng5186 2 weeks ago

#12 Hi, i belive is not going to work with FW update to support 775ml ink, the sku is set. only HP able modify it. just like HP-Sonia mention, is design choice.

#14 brendencouchman6600 a week ago

I asked this question earlier on the site. HP didn't make a way for it to be compatible.

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