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Tilling inconsistent lengths - Poor allignment

HP Latex 365 Printer

#1 bjorn.b5176 11 months ago

We have been printing 8-10 panel wallpaper jobs with very tight tolerances (hard horizontal and vertical lines throughout the image) and have noticed our panels are .125" off through the panel but not on all panels. The Top area may be aligned panel to panel but the bottom area is not. We do use tailgating, OMAS sensor set to ON, and long run consistency mode ON for 3M IJ180cv3 PS Vinyl. We have also seen this issue on other types of media so it is not this time only.

Would turning vacuum down from 35 to 10, the Curing Temp. down from 235 F. to 205 F.,or the OMAS sensor OFF stop the inconsistencies we are seeing?

#2 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @bjorn.bedore5176

The details mentioned are both important factors to take into account:

  • decrease temperature 235F to 230F.
  • decrease vacuum 35 to 30.

Have you seen the same inconstancy when using Take Up Reel? We suggest to turn off OMAS.

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#3 bjorn.b5176 11 months ago


We use the takeup reel on all of these jobs. as qty of panels and the length of each panel is 76"-120" tall.

Will having the OMAS sensor OFF allow for no correction during the print?

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#4 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hi @bjorn.bedore5176,

In some cases yes it will help to avoid the problem.

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