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Tailgating // no correct time left

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 DuermeyerPrint a year ago

I use Colorgate v10 and the tailgating option. During first print the time left is displayed correct, with 2nd, 3rd, 4th.. the time is counts down from 1:55 mins. Please fix to adding the estimated print time for 2nd (when receiving data or in print) to real estimated time left for 2nd 8and so on.

Meaning for example: 1st print 10 mins, 2nd job starts and the 1:55 min it takes to theoretically finish the job is added to the real print time of 2nd job, for the 3rd the same, 1:55 min should be added to the estimated print time of 3rd job...

Just to have a finishing estimate for the last job that will be printed, when tailgating.

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @DuermeyerPrint

We have been investigating with the team. In order to give you a more accurate answer we need to know the firmware version that you are using. Let us know!

#3 DuermeyerPrint a year ago

Firmware: NEXUS_01_12_00.11

#4 bjorn.bedore5176 a year ago


How do you use Tailgaiting in ColorGate v10? I have selected the option in the printer tab on the CG RIP but the files do not process without the press stopping and cooling between prints. Is there an option on the press itself or the media I am required to select?

#5 DuermeyerPrint 7 months ago

#4 Hi, this seems to be an issue with Colorgate I guess. What usually causes this is: the printer has not been able to show CG it's options, CG assumes that the printer cannot do this (I called this BS to CG and they said, that HP SDk for Latex does not allow this. Colorgate knows the printer by definition files but cannot assume it's options, come on.)

What you should do: power up the printer, have it shown it's current status in the info window. Then, configure your hotfolders to use tailgating and load the jobs again. Always only load jobs, when the printer shows itself in the info windows (otherwise the BS happens, letting CG assume the printer options by itself).

(sorry for not replying sooner, I had not been informed by the forumsoftware that you answered my post).

#6 DuermeyerPrint 7 months ago

@HP-Sonja: any updates to my question?

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