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Substrate jam -> head crash

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 zuseinc a year ago

HP Latex 360, approx 1 year old.

We are experiencing regular substrate jams and resulting print head crashes seemingly due to an empty space in the top portion of the heating/fan assembly. Drawing attached.

This seems like a design defect. Has HP developed any add-on parts or something like that to fix this? I must say I'm not terribly satisfied with having to use a paint stirring stick to keep the substrate down every time we start printing.

Fun (and confusing) fact: it happens more frequently when it's raining.

#2 zuseinc a year ago

And here is a (not so great) picture of the actual edge that the substrate catches on. File attached.

#3 zuseinc a year ago

I should also mention that this happens with all three of our typical substrates:

- 13 oz. PVC banner (thickest)

- vinyl sticker

- fabric heat transfer (thinnest)

#4 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @zuseinc

I suggest you to try to avoid the following types of situations:

- Do not leave loaded material if it is not used for a long time (from one day to another)

- Turn OFF the "Bypass start job safety"

- Use edge holders

- Put an extra top margin

- Use TUR

- Advance the material until it leaves in front of the healer

I also suggest you to review HP Latex 300 Series Printer User Guide on page 78 for the "Bypass job safety" and its possible configurations.

I hope this information helps

#5 zuseinc a year ago

Hi Sonia,

- We print all day, every day, so material doesnt sit.

- Edge holders are always in place.

- We have a top margin set as most of our jobs are print/cut and our cutter requires it.

- TUR isn't used very often as jobs are typically short.

The above things do not seem to impact the likelyhood of the substrate crashing into the curing unit. The only thing that guarantees it won't crash is advancing it so it is just exiting the heater. So we are either wasting material by advancing it or wasting it (and potentially printheads as well) by not advancing and risking a head crash.

"Bypass job start safety" is currently off. When I go to it I read:

"Enabling this option is not recommended. Throughput may be slightly increased, but some substrates could behave unexpectedly in terms of curing and leading-edge crashes." Why is this even an option if it isn't recommended?

Clearly HP knew about the leading edge of the substrate crashing in to the curing unit. I guess I fail to understand why then they decided to leave the design issue unaddressed and cover it up with a semi-functional software bandaid. This, combined with having to stick a paint stirrer in to the front of the curing unit to keep the substrate down is generally souring the experience.

After considering all options it looks like manually advancing the substrate so it is just exiting the curing unit when necessary is the only fix that will not waste material on every single print. Is this HP's position on the subject?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I would love to be wrong.

Thank you

#6 Roy_Kuzmich a year ago

Hi there,

your printer would have shipped with an accessory called Output Platen Protector.

Have you tried running your short run jobs with this installed?

It may close that gap and allow the media to run more smoothly through the Heat/Cure area.

Good Luck,

Roy K

#7 Forge303 2 months ago

#1 this ever get solved I ran into the same issue exactly 1 year old on my HP 560?

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