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Spot Colours

#1 stxrmxn a year ago

Are there any options in the pipeline to possibly swap the light magenta / light cyan for spot colours like orange or green?

Mimaki have these spot colour options.

For somebody who needs to constantly print a bright orange or red and has no real need for the light inks this would be a useful solution.

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @stxrmxn

At the moment is not possible to swap the light magenta / light cyan in the pipeline in an HP Latex Printer.

I take it into account for future products.

#3 stxrmxn a year ago

Sure, so this is something that would be possible in the future maybe?

#4 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @stxrmxn

All suggestions are welcome and we take into consideration when realizing new product.

Thank you for sharing with us.

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