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smudge on print

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 pideas 3 years ago

I have a Latex 310. I ran a saturation print on a new stock that I purchased. It's a coated matte poster stock. The manufacturer did not provide an ICC profile for this. I ended using a Generic Coated paper stock profile.

After the print, I am able to put a fingerprint on the solid area. What needs to be done to avoid the fingerprint? Do I need to increase the heat? What adjustments do I need to make to avoid this?

See attached photo.


Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi pideas,

Thanks for the image attached. It helps a lot when I evaluate an issue.

If it is just a fingerprint and the ink is dry. I would say that you are applying too much ink when printing, and by adjusting the quantity of ink and wearing cotton globes when manipulating the media rolls will help to avoid fingerprints.

However, if you have ink smear you are facing to a different issue. Could you please confirm which is the case?

#3 pideas 3 years ago

Hi Marc,

IThe ink doesn't smear. I can put a fingerprint on the solid area of a print.

It's actually a fingerprint and it happens on 100% coverage or 70% coverage.

The paper stock i'm using is a (latex compatible) coated matte paper stock. I do not get this fingerprint issue when I use a vinyl banner stock or a gloss self adhesive stock. Wearing gloves isn't really a solution since that will only help us avoid fingerprints when the print is in our possession and not in the customer's possession.


#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi Pideas!

In order to give you a more appropriate answer I will need to know the exact media you are using.

Could you please give me this information?

#5 pideas 3 years ago

Hi Marc,

I am using a Fibermark IMAGEase212 (9.9mil) indoor/outdoor poster media.

The description says is latex saturated and a wet strength media. I've attached the data sheet.


#6 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi pideas,

As it seems you don’t have a curing issue. I recommend to visit the HP Media Solutions Locator, where you can find a media certified for HP Latex Inks that might better fits your needs.

I hope this answers helps!

#7 pideas 3 years ago

Hi Marc,

Does that mean media is not listed on the HP certified list may not work with the HP Latex machine?

So suppliers who sell "latex compatible" media may not be selling media that works well with the HP Latex printer? Is that correct?

#8 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi pideas,

Not at all. The medias that you can find in the HP Media Solutions Locator are the ones that have been tested during the Media Certification Program and which we are sure that work using HP Latex Printers.

This doeasn't mean that other medias not listed in the HP Media Solutions Locator will not work in an HP Latex Printer although they are "latex compatible". There are hundreds of "latex compatible" medias which have not been tested by our Media Certification Program but they work fine on an HP Latex Printer.

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