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Re: [LATEX 300 series] Improving Scratch resistance...

#1 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

Hi everybody,

Please could you said how is it possible to improve HP Latex 300 Series Scratch resistance ?

- Increase/Decrease optimizer ?

- Increase/Decrease ink quantity ?

- Increase/Decrease fusing temperature ?

- Other ideas ...?



#2 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

Nobody can answer this simple question ?

#3 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

In order to increase scratch resistance you can increase optimizer level but if this is not enough, you can laminate the job to get full protection.

#4 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

Does increasing optimizer always increase scratch resistance?

Actually 15%, I can increase to 25 ?

#5 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

Increasing optimizer level for example up to 25% it will improve the scratch resistance. Depending on what you are expecting, of course. Bear in mind that Increasing optimizer you will need to increase curing temperature.

I hope it helps

#6 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

I print on Hexis V200 adhesive vinyl media.

Curing temperature is already at the maximum level : 116°.

What is usually the maximum optimizer lever that I can try ?

#7 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

There is no real maximum level. But remember that exidding the level of optimizer the colours will fade dramatically. Are you trying any application? Describe a bit more your concernd and we can give you a better feedback.

#8 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

I ask these questions only for Hexis V200 adhesive vinyl media. No problem with other medias.

Does decreasing ink quantity to 90% will allow to improve Scratch resistance ?

#9 lerouxjul2 11 months ago



#10 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

I I have passed your question on the engineering team and they would like to know the color that you are printing and what is the cause of the scratching?

Can you also attach a picture, so they can have a better understanding of the issue?

#11 lerouxjul2 11 months ago


The problem is on self adhesif vinyl.

We do exactly same thing you can see on this video :\_continue=3&v=AvHkF1lACRE

and the friction beetween squeegee and vinyl can cause little scratches.

I just want to improve scratch resistance to avoid theses little scratches.

#12 HP-Sonia 11 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

Thanks a lot for the video. Now we understand!

Please forget about the optimizer level.

What it will really help you to avoid Scratch Resistance is to laminate the Vinyl or to use a squeegee with the edge cover in felt or you can tape the edge with a 3M Teflon tape. Please see pictures attached.

I hope this information helps.

#13 lerouxjul2 11 months ago

Of course I know that laminate the Vinyl will resolve Scratch risk.

I use protected squeegee too.

My question wasn't "How can I avoid scratching printed vinyl?"

...but was just "how can I improve Scratch resistance printing with L310" ?

#14 lerouxjul2 11 months ago


#15 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

If you are using the right profile with a certified Media I believe you are doing all the steps for a correct printing.

There are no more option except that you send us a sample of what you are experiencing and we replicate it here to see the Scratch struggle that you are experiencing.

#16 lerouxjul2 10 months ago

Yes I use Hexis V200 certified media with official profile.

I don't said that there is bad Scratch resistance, I just want to ask you if you can give me a solution to improve even more scratch resistance...

Then does increasing Optimizer can improve scratch resistance?

#17 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

Hello @lerouxjul

Optimizer helps to affix the inks on the surface but increasing a lot the level of optimizer will to influence that much to Scratch resistance that you want.

#18 lerouxjul2 10 months ago

You said that if I increase too much Optimizer level that will reduce scratch resistance?

#19 HP-Sonia 10 months ago

No It will not reduce scratch resistance

#20 lerouxjul2 10 months ago

OK, then If I want to increase scratch resistance, I just have to increase optimizer as much as I can ?

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