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Re: L360 Bidirectional Problem

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 K-Car 4 years ago

All my L360 units have a Bidirectional printing problem. It is not possible to do a Bidirectional calibration from the front panel. Any print that I do with vertical lines in it come out blurry. If I rotate the print the previous horizontal lines now vertical are blurry. Almost double lines. A simple solution would be to print unidirectional but I cannot find this option on this printer. We have tried every possible setting the printer has but we get the same bidirectional problem. Any solution would be appreciated.

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 dypinc 4 years ago

I am not sure what calibration would have to do with this problem.

Have you done a printhead alignment?

There is also a Color Varation and Text Line Sharpness Correction setting that you could try.

#3 TG-FrankW 4 years ago

There was never a manual bidirectional calibration at Latex Printers. And there is no possibility to set the printer to unidirectional mode, and no possibility too to reduce carriage speed (what helps improving quality on the Latex 280).

There are three possibilities:

1. Using print modes of 16 Passes or more, what will reduce the carriage speed

2. Do a manual calibration of the print head (can be found in menu "tools - image-quality maintenance - align printheads")

3. in the "image-quality maintenance"-menu, as the last item, there is a menu option for optimizing sharpness of letters and colors ... is switched off by default, try to switch it on.

#4 K-Car 4 years ago

I have tried everything suggested above. My mistake about bidirectional calibration it was the LX850 that allowed this calibration.
The 16 pass gave very little improve. Have a look at the crop marks added by Onyx. Double lines in one direction.
This is on 2 different L360 printers using High gloss photo paper. This problem we have been working on for a month now with the most qualified Latex engineers in the world and just can’t solve it.
We have all come to the conclusion that it is a bidirectional problem. Is it possible to slow the printer down to get the quality we need ?

My issue is this is not a problem on the L260 or the L25500 and I have a client wanting the same quality as his L25500.

#5 TG-FrankW 4 years ago

These double lines are really strange, and are not the symptoms I had in mind when writing my suggestions.

I am a dealer, and we have delivered lots of 360 during the last months, but never had this issue.

Are the units balanced? or do they stand tilted?

#6 K-Car 4 years ago

One is at a customers site and one in our demo centre both are balanced. Another image look at the crop marks

#7 dypinc 4 years ago

What are your media settings, specifically vacuum?

Does it happen or happen the same on every media?

#8 twmiller24 4 years ago

Yes, I see this all the time. It's a pain in the neck because it messes up the cutting. We only have one printer, but this problem is visible on most of our stocks.

#9 dypinc 4 years ago

Has your line sensor (on the right side of the printhead) been cleaned or replaced?

#10 K-Car 4 years ago

On the one printer we have changed the Line Sensor, Carraige, Trailing cable, Encoder strip and Drive motor with encoder nothing helps. My own demo unit the only thing that helps is printing at 16 pass !! Does anybody know when does the printer to a bidirectional calabration ? Is it during printhead alinement calabriation ?

#11 dypinc 4 years ago

What about swaping the black/cyan printheads, has that been done?

Does it continue to happen with new printheads?

Have you tried printhead alignment with different media?

Post a photo of the alignment print.

#12 K-Car 4 years ago

Good news,

Problem solved. After many hours of testing we found out the problem was with the Onyx Profiles being 300 processed DPI should be 600 processed DPI. The end result was an image quality that was terrible. HP sent out a bulletin that I should have paid more attention to!
To fix down load the new 600 DPI profiles from the Onyx web site as an OML file and only use the 600 DPI profile. I have no idea why Onyx would bother with 150 DPI profiles !! . The bad image quality lead us to believe it was a bidirectional problem due to overspray and line quality .
Case closed

#13 playomane 4 years ago


I have this problem but I use caldera!

How can I solve it?

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