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Re: error 16.43:10 - help please!

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

- error 16.43:10 ---


- curing module 3 fault

- Error Code 0x11001007

is this a thermistor or curing unit that needs replacement?

i do see part of the print (under 3rd fan) still wet after printer stopped working middle of print. ... though it does work intermittently

i can't find part number under "Curing system module 3" or something similar .. your help is much appreciated...



#2 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi nexusLatex310

I'll recommend you to contact your support source in order to check the printer. If is necessary they can repair the printer or provide you further information.

Really sorry for can't help you more.

Please, keep me posted if you can contact with support and they can provide you a solution.

Hope this helps.

#3 360graphics 2 years ago


We are having the same issues and were wondering if you resolved this issue? If so, how?


#4 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi 360 graphics,

I'll recommend you to contact your support source in order to check the printer.

Really sorry for can't help you more.

Please, let me know if they can provide you a solution.


#5 gc04 2 years ago

What's your line voltage? We're on a 240V system and were getting 16.41:10 and 16.43:10 errors. I installed a voltage regulator, which drops the voltage to 220V, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

#6 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

thanks for the tip on voltage, i will check the voltage and see if that will make any difference.

our issue is not just error thought, the intermittent error code ...and left side of the print (about 12" on far left ) is mostly not cured, i have managed to slow down the process to max (interlay pass) and have been printing since with manageable curing issues, this printer has been nothing less than disaster and truly a piece of junk, i have been using large format for almost 25 yrs and never have seen such poorly made commercial printer ,... with zero support or recalls on very know issues.... this will probably be my last large format HP purchase.


#7 360graphics 2 years ago

It's a Fan-Heater Assembly that needs replaced. We had the same issue after only having the printer for a year. Luckly there was a HP tech near our location, but still cost nearly $1000 between the part and the technician.

#8 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @nexusLatex310

I am sorry to hear your comments above. Please let me know if there is something I can do from here. About the issue that you are describing I can only suggest to contact your support team.

#9 --- a year ago

I am having the same issue, what did you use to regulate the voltage?

#10 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @msharkey

Please check if you have installed the latest firmware realize. If this doesn’t solve the problem check with your support service.

#11 nexusLatex310 a year ago

I replaced the heater assembley(#3) and it took care of the issue ... few months later now it is other heater assembly (#2)... two other print shops i know in Toronto has gone through the same issues with this printer + some other major issues (mostly electrnoic boards)... very very disappointed that HP does not stand behind their product... obviously there are some design and quality issues with this printer, as far as i know not single technical bulletin or recall for defective parts or bad design has been issued... Tech support has been waste of time , as soon as they know the printer is out of warranty they aske me to call my dealer, every call for serivce to dealer cost me around $1000... repeat this every few month then you relaize why i hate this printe and why i would not recommend HP Latex unless proven otherwise.

I assume they have taken care of some of these issues in new models but as a customer who was the first to trust and bough the (back then) new HP latex i feel not only cheated but aslo stupid as a small business owner who thought can rely on HP product.

(so far I have replaced: 2 electrnic board on the back of printer, one heater, one control LCD panel, few faulty ink,...i think around$5-6k so far)

I will publish my experience in Print Action Magazine maybe that will help people some headache.

Ok, off I go to spend another $1000 to replace second heater in this piece of junk.


#12 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @nexusLatex310

I am sorry to read that HP technical Support hasn't been very useful for you this team. They are HP Latex Printing experts and they normally solve all the issues that they face. As you will understand this is an online support forum and I am afraid there is not much that we can do from here.

I will contact you privately to get better understanding of your case.

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