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Re: 370 take up reel squeaking

HP Latex 370 Printer

#1 ColoursImaging 2 years ago

We are having a consisting squeaking noise coming from the left side of the take-up reel system, not the gear side. It seems to be worse going in one direction than the other.

It goes away for a short time whem I wipe down the pin before setting it into place.

Has anyone had this problem / annoyance? Is this a known issue and is thier a fix for it?



#2 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi Colourslmaging,

In my experience it could be an issue related to the TUR installation, which could be solved by reinstalling the device on the printer, but i can't assure it's because of this. I will suggest you to contact your support source in order to check that everything is OK with your printer.

#3 hub2000 2 years ago


same problem with HP310 fix available!!

brg, hub2000

#4 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi hub2000,

Con you provide me some more information about your issue? or is exactly the same as ColoursImaging? Did you already tried to install the device again?

#5 lerouxjul2 2 years ago

I have a similar problem, that appears only using both very heavy new paper roll and take up reel.

A cracking and squeaking noise came from Spindle mesh, here :

Please note that I have no cracking noise with lightweight and middleweight roll.

Is it normal ?

#6 AdaptiveTextile 2 years ago

Mine started doing the same thing as the OP after a couple months of usage. It get very very loud! My guess is just friction from the metal pin wearing against the plastic. Kindof surprised there isnt any type of protector on this. I wonder if putting a small dab of grease will help?

#7 lerouxjul2 2 years ago

I have not exactly the same problem :

Mine cracking noise come from Spindle gear side, not the take-up-real...and I can hear the cracking noise only with very heavy new roll...

What do you think about that ?

#8 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi Lerouxjul,

Since you said that you were loading heavy paper rolls, I'll like to indicate that the maximum weight supported by the HP Latex 370 printer is 42 kg. if you exceed this weight the printer could perform irregularly (generate some noise for example).

Hi AdaptativeTextile,

as you said, putting some grease on it should stop the noise.

Let me know if this was useful.

#9 lerouxjul2 2 years ago

Hi Marc,

It's an HP Latex 310, I don't know if it's the same max roll weight.

The cracking noise seems to me as if the gear jumped.

I can said that because after hear cracking noise, the gear rotates rapidly...

#10 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi Lerouxjul,

For the HP Latex 310 the maximum supported weight is lower. It is 25 KG (55 lb).

#11 lerouxjul2 2 years ago

I went to see and my bigger rolls are about 20 Kg.

When I use Take Up Reel, at the end of the print, after final drying, when the printer is rolling up back media, the printer draws heavily on the Take Up Reel, and in addition to use an heavy roll, we can hear problems with gears.

Is there a security in the printer to avoid breaking something ?

#12 AdaptiveTextile 2 years ago

Are you loading the media around the bottom of the dancer bar, or just straight to the take-up reel from the drying section? You MUST use the dancer bar if you have the take up reel enabled while using the # 1 or #2 button.

To me, it sounds liem the dancer bar isnt engaging.. during the final drying time, the printer lets media out, which engages the dancer bar, then pulls the media back in (which should make the take-up reel spin in reverse) to give it some slack. It SHOULD NOT pull heavily on the Take-up Reel.

On the same note, it shouldn't ever spin wildly.. the dancer bar tells it when to switch on and off, depending on tension.

If you are manually rolling the media on the take-up reel with the arrow keys, then it doesnt matter.

*See uploaded pics of the dancer bar, and how to load the media*

#13 lerouxjul2 2 years ago

hi AdaptiveTextile,

When I print, I ALWAYS use the take-up reel and then I ALWAYS use the dancer bar (like your pictures).

Moreover I think that It should be impossible to print activating the # 1 or #2 button of the TUR without activating the dancer bar too.

But at the end of the print, when the printer pulls the media back, there is a lot of tension on the media and if the roll is heavy, it's seems that the HP L310 show weakness...

I just would be reassured if it's just a security in the printer to avoid breaking something ?

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