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Ran a printhead test. What does this tell you?

#1 pideas1 a year ago

I'm seeing banding in my prints so I ran a printhead test and alignment test. What does this image of the test tell me?

One image is the banding I got while printing. The second image is of the printhead test. The magenta/red is not printing out solid. It's almost like the ink isn't laid down correctly.

printhead testbanding

#2 HP-ColorGuy a year ago

Run the printhead nozzle test print. From the Front Panel:

Settings > Image Quality Maintenance > Clean Printheads > Test Print

After the print completes (and dries the ink), assess the patterns for each printhead and color. There should be no significant gaps in the patterns - an occasional gap is not cause for concern, but large gaps in the pattern are. I am guessing that you have a large number of missing nozzels in the K channels.

If that is the case, run a cleaning on the C/K heads (or other colors that have the same symptom), and then re-print the nozzle test print. If the nozzles cannot be recovered, it may be time to replace the head.

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