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problem with print

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 rar 3 years ago


I have problem with my HP Latex 310

When i start printing black CMYK 100C100M100Y100K everything is OK

But after printing a 20 cm color fades as if out of all color ink /look on images/

services support on my country send me answer that is faulty ink management.When printing in color does not make me this.

Thank you for your response.

#2 dypinc 3 years ago

Why would ever want to print black using CMYK 100C100M100Y100K. Haven't you noticed that the best black with latex ink is 100K. In fact most RIPs have a setting to print pure primaries or black as inkjet black which turns color management off if you want to print the pure 100% colors of the printer, like your linearization targets.

It sounds like your getting ink starvation. Slow your printer down by increasing the passes or adding inter-pass delay if you want to print like that.

#3 rar 3 years ago

Before, I still print like this and did not make printer this problem.

Could this problem cause dirty contacts on the optimiser head ?

#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi rar,

For your description, your issue may be caused by one of this two things:

1- Your Optimizer printhead has some issue. The the color shift may be visible in all colors. I'll recommend you to change the printhead.

2- The issue is caused by the media. I'll recommend you to use another media and please let me know which media were you using.

Hope this helps.

#5 rar 3 years ago

1-I try change optimiser head and any changes with print black 100C100M100Y100K

When i set old head optimiser and clean contacts on head problem the problem disappears.

2- I printing on this media before at many times with no problem.

On color print i have no problem

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