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Print is bunching up at the front, is it Temperature or vacuum?

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 art.alexandria 8 months ago

Hi there, Can anyone help me with my printing issue. I have an HP365 printer and the profile that I'm using it LD2840G. Whenever I print, it bunches up at the front and sticks on top of where the metal plate is therefore jamming my print. Is it because of the temperature or the vacuum? We've been printing alright for the past few months. It just happened recently. I thought it was just because of a new vinyl, but now even if I put a different substrate it sticks on top and it scratches my print before it jams the whole thing. I have to be infront on the machine to stretch it out when its printing as small run.

#2 kelvin.ng5186 8 months ago

#1 Hi, you may try to clean your print platen and vacuum hole. also check your vacuum setting. if you could provide more image is more easy to assist you.

#3 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

#1 The main point here is the leading edge. If the media is very stiff you should not leave it loaded in the printer for long periods as the media will maintain the curvature and can cause jams.

As you are holding the media manually then you may need to increase the vacuum if the media is lifting from the vacuum or use the output platen protectors if the media is sticking to the impinging output due to the material behavior.

Remember that the printer must be cleaned properly especially all air and vacuum holes (service maintenance might be required).

#4 mhestercarwash 8 months ago

#3 How do you clean the vacuum holes?

#5 myrecs5709 6 months ago

same problem. in the begining everything was fine, but now substrate without tension at the bottom sticks to upper platen in curing zone, as electrified, and of course this scratches print.

#6 HP-Sonia 6 months ago

Hello @mhestercarwash please watch this video: I believe it will helpful

#7 HP-Sonia 6 months ago

Another factor to keep in mind is the roll itself. The more the roll is used the smaller the diameter on the core, this can lead to the media lifting more easily especially when printing from the leading edge.

-Don't leave media loaded in the printer for long periods of time as the media will conform to the drive roller and lift away from the platen.

-Some medias are susceptible to humidity and temperature changes.

-As you mentioned, the output platen protector can assist if the material is getting caught in the impinging.

In general you should not have issues with a clean printer and not leaving the media loaded. If the issue persists you should contact your support service.

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