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Print Head replacement on L360

#1 dypinc 2 years ago

With the L360 when I take a close look at the test prints with a gray border and could see that the gray was not consistent from the start of the print to the end of the test print. Maybe best to replace the lc/ mc head, and I am thinking that I should replace the other heads as well before doing a round of profiling even though the nozzle checks look good. C/B heads have over 5000ml through them and one Y/M and the lc/lm head has over 4000ml. Seams the L25500 was much quickier to tell me heads needed replaced.

What kind of head life are others seeing on these machines, and if there a recommended print life on the L360 heads?

#2 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi dypinc,

Although the printheads life depends on several factor such as the media quality, printer maintenance, usage of expired ink,... I recommend you to change them every 4 litres in order to be sure the printheads provide the best performance possible.

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