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Print Black & White (Latex 310 + FlexiPrintHP

#1 JSousa a month ago


I need help to print using L310 some photos in Black & White and NOT SEPIA. Witch profile can be use in FlexiPRINT or we need to create one?

#2 HP-ayelenfernandez a month ago

#1 Hi @JSousa,

You should test by checking their CLC is up to date and ensure the workflow is correct such as the Flexi SAI color settings in the advanced options tab.

Please, could you let me know if you've already do that?

Thanks a lot,

#3 Jesiel Santos 3 days ago

In Adobe Photoshop, go to channels and copy the channel cmyk paste only into the black channel, I leave the others blank. In Software rip disable all profiles. The heads have to be in optimum condition for this procedure. You will realize that the printer will only shoot black ink, giving a better black result. If you think the printing is a bit unclear, increase the black intensity in rip software.

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