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new error .... after fixing the blank front panel

#1 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

here are the readings:

- no errors only blank (white) front panel and blinking X beside it.

- Amber and Blue on back power switch.

- only Number one (most external) LED on Formatter is on.

- 2 of the LED on Printmech PCA are OFF (42 v and 24 v)

It worked few times (intermitetnly) after few unplugging and rebooting but nothing any more.

Based on service manual it is most likely formatter but is there any way of making sure that is the cause and not Engine PCA board or Printmech PCA or even power supply?

Do LEDs on Engine PCA mean anything in regards to diagnoses of what is faulty?

The printer hasn't been used much, only one set of ink and still original print heads on it but one year warranty has expired, any chance HP will take care of this since it hasn't been used much? (at least the part cost maybe)

I haven't made enough money from this printer to cover the cost of this repair, it is very frustrating and not something you would expect from industrial grade printer.

Many thanks in advance.


#2 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

HI nexuslatex310,

For what you've said in your post it totally looks to me as your front panel has some kind of hardware issue, I'll recommend you to contact your support source in order to check the front panel. I will like to ask you to come back to the topic with their answer.

#3 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

can you elaborate why do you think it is Front Panel and not Formatter?

where in service manual do you see pointing to front panel for this Readings?

or is this guess based on your experience ?

as i mentioned the warranty has expired and i am trying to pin point to issue so i don't have to order multiple parts which cost arm and a leg.

any help is very much appreciated

many thanks


#4 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi nexusLatex310,

I think is a Front Panel issue due to my experience, but I'll need to check the printer in order to make a more accurate guess. For this reason i was recommending you to contact your support source in order to get a more accurate diagnostic since I just can make some guesses from here.

I hope you could solve it soon. Please come back to the topic with the final solution.

#5 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

my printer is out of warranty and i have been on the phone with few techs , most of them think it is Formatter, one thought it is hard driver and you think it is Front panel.

I am confused here, i don't want to order 3-4 very expensive parts.

is there any way of (disconnecting a part at a time to) to pin point the issue or have a more accurate guess?

much appreciated

#6 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

HI NexusLatex310,

I've just provided you my best guess without seeing the printer. The best option in order to not spent money in spare parts that you not need is to contact your support source in order to check the printer "in situ" in order to figure out what is exactly causing the issue.

#7 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

thank you Marc

i agree i need to call technician but i am a pretty technical guy and here in canada they said they will charge me any part they change even if the part ends up being not the problem , this easily can run more than half of the value of the printer...... btw, great guess work Marc,... here it is what has happened since , there is a push/reset (little white) button on back of control panel board, once i pressed that the printer worked perfectly. after couple of turning on and off and usage now it is back to the same problem.does this reinforce your front panel fauly guess or can this point to formatter as well. where can i order parts in Canada? directly from HP? many thanksali

#8 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

now when i heat up the Formatter Board with heat gun all of sudden it starts to work again.!!!

could this be a bad soldering job on Formatter or do you still think it is FRONT PANEL?

many many thanks

#9 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi nexusLatex310,

I will like to help you more with this topic, but as I've told you, I'm just guessing. I strongly think the issue is related to the Front Panel, but other parts could be involved in this issue. I'm sorry since I will not like you to spend money in useless spare parts, but your printer strongly needs to be checked by a technician from your support source.

I will appreciate you to come back with the technician feedback in order to fully understand the issue.

#10 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

the blank front panel problem solved: it turned out to be a bad Soldering on Formatter, the board was repaired by a local repair shop.

used the printer for a day or two then decided to put back the covers. after disconnecting the printer and installing the covers the printer wouldn't start at first then unplug and plugged again and started ....and as soon as it is going to initializastion it comes up with with 01.2:10 ( I am attaching all error message photos)..

replaced both ISS PCA boards no luck ... Autodiagnostic message at the bottom of error message :

- error: 0x1030a001

- severity: Error

- see all images

my next option would be Printmech per Service Manual.

any input is much appreciated.

This seems to be a Lemon if not a piece of junk ... so disappointed with this printer.

thank you for all your help.

#11 HP-MarcM 2 years ago


I was wondering, have you been able to contact with technical support?

If yes, they can give you a properly answer to this issue?

Thanks a lot,

Have a good day.

#12 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi nexusLatex310,

Did you contact with a technician?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Best regards

#13 nexusLatex310 2 years ago

The issue was faulty Printmech, printer is working fine now.

thank you for your help

#14 stampa5107 11 months ago

hi, so you needed to replace both the formatter and the print mech cards?

I got this printer new last year, warranty expired exactly 2 months ago, now i get this blank screen error at boot, can't do anything.

Did not print much, definitely did not made money back, as it's still with the original set of cartridges...

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