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Latex 570 - Unusual Banding

HP Latex 500 Series

#1 Roy_Kuzmich 2 weeks ago

Please review the following and view the attached images. The client is running long prints on a 3M certified vinyl media. The banding starts after a couple of feet and returns approximately every 12" to 13". It would appear that it only happens on Blues/Greens. The Printheads have been checked/tested/replaced (only saw issue with one Optimizer PH) The profile(s) they use have been reloaded Long run consistency has been selected Can't get my head around why it repeats at the distance it does (could it be caused by a roller?)

Thanks, Roy K

#2 ivoslbg5445 2 weeks ago

Hi Roy, There's a lot of posts about this problem. Mainly it's lm/lc printhead to be replaced. Most tests don't catch that problem, but do this -, take the PH lm/lc out and measure it, must weight around 60 grams. Under 50g is totally defective. Reason for that sometimes is faulty ink towers (not enough ink delivered to PH), or printhead itself (only one instead of two and litres fired from it at once). Check all PH's for weight (ink content). Optimiser PH is also a hidden problem if not checked constantly - replace if banding occurred in tests... This banding is mostly from lc ink and have to shake bags and ink cartridges often for constant color consistency...clean gold plated contacts on PH's and carriage with ethyl alcohol (97%) and cotton ear swabs or the tool from cleaning kit.

#3 HP-Sonia 2 weeks ago

Hello Roy Please also check:

  • Check that the OMAS is cleaned,
  • Check the media used has a profile from the HP Media Solution Locator
  • Check that the drive roller and pinches are clean
  • Check the media advance calibration,
  • Check the printhead life (too many nozzles out or liters printed)
  • Avoid using alcohol on the printheads as it dissolves the glue,

If the issue continues please contact your support service.

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