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Latex 570 - Printheads carriage hits Maintenance cartridge

HP Latex 500 Series

#1 ivoslbg5445 2 months ago

Hi all. When starting prints the Maintenance cartridge (MC) is moving when printhead carriage is going back to the right (over the MC position) and printheads hits highest point of the MC cloth causing damages to the first row of printheas. It happens randomly, it is not before every print, sometimes happens once a week, sometimes - once a day, sometimes -in 2 prints one after another and nothing after that... The same happened on the previous Latex 360 printer, but the technicians have no clue of what's causing this. I apply some photos.

Best regards and cheers

#2 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

Hello @ivoslbg5445,

You should check that the Maintenance cartridge isn't damaged as well as no paper/save or other debris are stuck under the carriage.

If the issue persists you should contact support.

#3 ivoslbg5445 2 months ago

#2 Hi It happens with brand new and used MC's and everything is clean around and under the cartridge. I suspect it's wrong commanding from board but don't want just play with guessing Thanks again and best regards.

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