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Latex 560 Slow touch screen interface

HP Latex 500 Series

#1 soneal5463 2 months ago

Our touchscreen on the printer will not respond to touch for 30 seconds or sometimes more. I have removed unneeded profiles but it still responds very slowly. Anything I can do to help this?

#2 ivoslbg5445 2 months ago

#1 try to restart printer and see if responds. Clean often screen from fingerprints and dust. This problem on our printer occurs after sleeping mode...

#3 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

Hello, ivoslbg5446,

  • Ensure that the printer is properly connected electrically and that no other sources of interference are affecting the printer.
  • Ensure the front panel is clean.
  • Upgrade to the latest Firmware.

If the issue persists please contact HP support.

#4 ivoslbg5445 2 months ago

#3 Hello HP-Sonia Everything is done except electrics. The office has upgraded with couple powerful machines (laminators mostly) and the grid isn't designed for this load (my personal opinion no matter what electrician says) and the block where office is situated is constantly upgraded with new buildings. That's why I think my previous post is irrelevant due to electric shocks (may be) and printer's electronics is afflicted. Thanks again and have a great day

#5 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

Hello. It might be.... But please keep posting any other question related to the HP Latex printer. We are here to help.

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