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Latex 360 - On Canvas - Water Spots ?

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 Roy_Kuzmich 4 years ago

I have attached an image with what appears to be water spots (circled in Yellow).

My client sent this image to me.

Is this a similar issue that we saw back on the L25500?

What would cause it and what would be the solution for resolving this issue?


Roy Kuzmich

#2 Roy_Kuzmich 4 years ago

Hi all,

This issue is intermittent.

Any help would be appreciated.


#3 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

Hi Roy_Kuzmich,

I don't think this spots are because of a condensation problem, normally the condensation spots over textiles are darker than the ones from your pictures.

Maybe it's a problem of the canvas. Can you please tell me the exact media you are using to see if it has been used previously in our lab.

#4 Roy_Kuzmich 4 years ago

Hi Marc,

The media is

Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas SUV- 64in x 75ft.


#5 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

Hi Roy_Kuzmich,

I've asked in the lab, but I'm afraid that nobody in here have used this media before. The guys from the lab insist that this problem is because of an incompatibility between the media coating and the HP Latex inks.

I can only recommend you to change the media. for this reason, I've checked the HP Media Solutions Locator. Here you have a picture with the Fredrix canvas medias that I’ve found in the MSL and that work perfectly with you HP Latex printer:

Also, I’ve checked Fredrix web page and I've found a list of medias that have been tested with the HP Latex printers and that work perfectly:


#6 dypinc 4 years ago

Sunset by Fredrix Satin Canvas SUV- 64in x 75ft.

Is this from Lexjet? If so have you contacted them about the problem?

I use this all the time and I havn't noticed any spots.

#7 TGAPCLT 4 years ago

The manufacturer is Tara and I believe their coating facility is in Georgia somewhaere near Atlanta.

#8 HP-MarcM 4 years ago

I've asked to some guys from the lab, but they never used this material and they ask me to recommend you the medias frm the Media Solution Locator which have been tested by them.

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