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Latex 360 - New Ink "Reseat" message

HP Latex 360

#1 Roy_Kuzmich a year ago

Hi All,

I have a client with a Latex 360.

Firmware has been updated.

They recently ran out of Yellow Ink and, using the front panel, replaced the Yellow ink Cartridge. The new cartridge reveals a "Reseat" message on the front panel.

When the old one is re-installed it shows a "Replace" message as it should because it is empty.

Here is where it gets weird. He says that if he changes another colour he gets the same "Reseat" message. he tried another new colour and the same thing.

Why would all new cartridges give that message but the old ones read OK?

The old and new cartridges are #831A

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-Sonia a year ago

Hello @Roy_Kuzmich

Make sure that the latest update of your Firmware is NEXUS_01_11_00.3.

If you already have this version and still having the situation, please contact your Support Services.

#3 Roy_Kuzmich a year ago


Hi All,

When I was on site I decided to do a factory reset.

After the reset, I adjusted the date/time and then tried the same cartridge the client was trying and it worked.

I re checked the Embedded Web Server info from the Previous day and noticed that it was date Feb 28, 2013.

SO either the date/time was the resolution or the Factory reset was the resolution.



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