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Latex 330 nozzle masking?

HP Latex 330 Printer

#1 Pavell 3 years ago

Good day for all

Does HP latex 330 have some settings or something else for masking a defective print head nozzles? Where i can read about this more in detail

sorry for my English

#2 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi Pavell!

There is nothing that you can use to mask the print head nozzle. However, I would follow the recommendations from the Latex 310 User Guide to get a better performace of your Printheads before printing:

  • “Clean the PHs” : Page 126-127
  • “Optimize print quality” : Page 105

I hope this helps.

#3 Pavell 3 years ago

Hi, Marc

to read a User Guide is helpful always, and in end of page 126 i was read next:

"NOTE: A small number of blocked nozzles are unlikely to have any visible effect on your prints, as the printer has been designed to compensate for this problem during multi-pass printing."

Is it mean what i can't mask the nozzles, but printer can? And how many is "small number" few nozzles or few percents of nozzles?

#4 HP-MarcM 3 years ago

Hi Pavell!

What I meant on my previuose answer was that there is none specific function on the Front Panel that you, as a user, can activate to compensate the print head nozzle. However, the printer can do it in some of the nozzles out by itself thanks to the drop detector, as the user guide explain.

I am sorry if my previouse answer confuse you, but I have to insist that if you want a good performace of your printer the User Guide recomendations are a good start.

I hope this answer helps

#5 Pavell 3 years ago

Hi, Marc

Again thanks for answer, now i'm almost fully satisfied.

HP-MarcM wrote:
Hi Pavell!...
User Guide recomendations are a good start.and this forum too )

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