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Latex 315 Crashing

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 ian6294 2 months ago

HI Folks, The company I work for has two Latex 315 printers. Today, one of the two Flexiprint programs we use kept crashing causing the prints to fail again and again. This had happened once before so I restarted the printer and computer with no success. So, being that there are two, I put the substrate into the other printer which had been printing fine all morning. Upon replacing the substrate, the other Flexiprint program crashed and caused the print to fail. I have called the tech department of the reseller we got the printers from and am waiting on an answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#2 ivoslbg5445 2 months ago

#1 Hi ian6294 Some latest Windows and Flexy updates are causing this. Try to remove latest updates..

#3 HP-Sonia 2 months ago

Hello If the issue happens on this selected media you should back up your media profiles and delete it from the printer then download the profiles again from the HP Media Locator. I hope this information helps.

#4 paulelw 2 months ago

#1 said You can do a full backup of your media profiles and do a full reinstall of Flexi on one of the workstations.

Do this if you are unable to restore from a previous backup point (Windows).

It would normally be best to deactivate any updates in background or any update installations unless necessary (Security or stability improvements).

#5 holmcody 2 months ago

I had also the same issue but can't find the way to remove the latest updates

#6 paulelw 4 weeks ago

#1 A recent Windows update is causing crashes with SAi. I would recommend contacting SAi for the patch files. You IT person can install these correctly.

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