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#1 zstekovic 8 months ago

Hello, I want to know if HP Flexi Print & Cut 12 bundle that come with HP Latex 115 Print & Cut solution will be upgraded on newer version or we are stuck on old one (2663p1) for ever? I heard that new version SP5 2899 is out, and it have fixed few glitches. Thanks!

#2 HP-Sonia 8 months ago

The software is available in the cloud, not on the hard disc, so SAi is updating the installer whenever there is any upgrade. It is not a new RIP version but build version. For the customers who have already installed the software before new build release, they won’t receive any pop-up window with this information but can always upgrade it by contacting SAi. If you are currently on an old version #2663, you need to contact SAi support in order to change it to SP5.

#3 scrane5303 8 months ago

I reached out to SAI and no response... Anyone else have any luck obtaining information on upgrading?

#4 scrane5303 7 months ago


Although SAI never contacted me, I checked and it said I am now on build 2898. I don't know if this is a result of me sending an email or they did it automatically. Either way, I downloaded it and installed it and now I am on the new build.

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