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L365 - Dancer Counterweight Issues

HP Latex 365 Printer

#1 Roy_Kuzmich 2 years ago

The weights seem extrememely heavy. I think I am attaching correctly but the tensioner loses all tension as the dancer arms are now in the up position.

Is there a definitive paper on how to attach and use these things properly?

Any info is appreciated.


Roy K

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @Roy_Kuzmich

Please find below screen shoot where you can find how to set up dancer weight:

Moving up or down counterweight you will add or remove weight to the dancer. Feel free to set up as you prefer.

I hope this information helps

#3 Roy_Kuzmich 2 years ago

OK, so I see that I attached them correctly from the image.

When I have them loaded, the dancer arms move all the way up giving me essentially zero tension down on the take up roll.

What am I doing wrong?

It seems to me that the counterweights are just too heavy.

Roy K

#4 HP-ColorGuy 2 years ago

Is the dancer bar in place (installed)?

In the event that the bar itself is not attached to the arms, when the counterweights are in place, the weights will drop, causing the arms to raise. When the dancer bar itself is installed to the front of the arms, it adds weight to the front, and causes the dancer bar and arms to drop.

#5 Roy_Kuzmich 2 years ago


I finally had time to play around with the counterweights.

They work properly with the tension bar in place.


I also found that the User Manual has more information.

Something that I don't generally see. I am usually in the Service Manual.

Roy K

#6 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @Roy_Kuzmich

I'm glad to figure it out.

Thanks @ColorGuy for the comments above and you extra help.

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