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L360 blank screen

HP Latex 360 Printer

#1 Tony-C 3 years ago

I have an L360 which will not wake up after it has gone to sleep. Customer presses the button on the control panel and just gets a blank screen. He has to turn off the printer and hopefully he's able to boot it back up. Sometimes he has to try a couple of times. I suspect the formatter board. Anyone else has had this issue?

#2 twmiller24 3 years ago

We have had this problem as well with our HP L360. Other times, the screen will not be blank but will be completely frozen up. I can still send from the rip to the printer, but I can't change anything from the touchscreen.

#3 HP-MarcM 3 years ago


As none of you mention any System Error on your screen, before turning blank. The only thing I can strongly recommend to do is to update your firmware to the latest version (6.2.10).

If this doesn’t solve the issue, I suggest, you contact your support provider to get a more accurate answer.

I hope this will solve your question.

#4 stampa5107 a year ago

Hi, I have exactly the same problem

My Latex started to do this since the april firmware upgrade, it would not wake up from standby anymore.

Today, DURING a print, it turned off, and i got this white screen and I can't do anything.

I tried to disconnect the power, but still, when I turn it on again, I only get the white screen

LEDs on the power switch: amber and blue

The three leds nearby the network card: 1-2 are OFF, the third is ON

Help!! I need to print many stuff....

#5 Holger a week ago


had the same issue on a 360 unit. A technician advised me to replace the battery on the main board and it fixed the issue

#6 paulelw 3 days ago

#1 Make sure your printer has the latest firmware installed successfully. It may either be faulty screen (more likely from connections or internal fault) or a faulty formatter board(less likely).

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