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HP365 firmware updater not working

HP Latex 310 Printer

#1 SCB44 2 years ago

When our new HP 365 was professionally installed in october 2016 the installing technician got an error that the latest firmware was not installed on the printer. The Tech clicked the search for latest firmware button on the printer's LCD screen and the printer said there was not a newer firmware which was not true, because we were running NEXUS_03_10_03.1 at the time.

Yesterday I manually upgrade to NEXUS_03_10_10.2 by logging into the printer from a computer using a browser and manually uploading the latest firmware. When I rebooted the printer 1 day after the upgrade I still received the error that my firmware is not up to date AND when I ran the check for the latest firmware the printer said I have the latest firmware. I confirmed that the firmware installed is NEXUS_03_10_10.2 and was able to see the firmware update history on the printer's LCD.

FYI, my settings for firmware are

Check for new firmware:Automatic

Download new firmware:Automatic

It seems as though 1) the auto dowload is not working AND there is an error that makes the printer think it doesn't have the latest firmware even when it does have the latest firmware.

Lastly, when I log in to the printer from a computer browser and click on the Support tab and then the "technical support Web page" link I get routed to page "" which HP has not properly set-up and says "Opps that page does not exist".

Solved! Go to Solution.

#2 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi SCB44,

Since you have already updated your firmware to the latest version, the only thing I can recommend you is to check your printer connectivity:

Settings > Connectivity > Diagnostics & troubleshooting > All test

If you can't fix the connectivity issues after this, I'll recommend you to contact your support source in order to heck the printer. Please let me know if this help you.

#3 SCB44 2 years ago

There are no connectivity issues and I cannot test firmware updater right now, since I am already on the latest release.

#4 SCB44 2 years ago

I still don't think the printer firmware updater/checker is working.

I rebooted the HP365 printer and despite being on the latest firmware (NEXUS_03_10_10.2) my HP365 still says "Printer firmware update required. Please insert the firmware update USB flash drive provided by your support partner into the USB port."

#5 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi SCB44,

I'll recommend you to do the upgrade using a USB as the printer suggests and let me know if the message keep appearing.

#6 SCB44 2 years ago

I updated via USB which took a long time (about 15 minutes) and now the printer recognizes that it has the latest firmware. Strange since I can see the firmware history and it received the latest firmware on 11/30/16 which it did not recognize as the latest firmware and now on 12/15/16 the same firmware appears in the history (delivered by USB) and it DOES recognize it as the latest firmware. Seems like a bug.

#7 HP-MarcM 2 years ago

Hi SCB44,

Is good to hear that you've been finally able to update your firmware. We really appreciate your feedback.

#8 SCB44 2 years ago

Updater still does not seem to be working automatically. You can see on the screenshot that the printer checked on 3/17/17 and still had NEXUS_03_10_10.4 firmware even thought NEXUS_03_11_00.4 was released 2/28/17.

It only started downloading, because I clicked a button.

#9 HP-Sonia 2 years ago

Hello @SCB44

The behavior that you are describing is the standard. This is how it works.

I hope this clarifies your concerns.

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