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HP Latex 54 Cutter

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 badcompanygraphix5766 7 months ago

When I go to cut I load the substrate into the cutter, press the bar code button, position the sensor and hit the play button. It start doing its thing reading the bar code, goes from lower right corner up to upper right corner then over to upper left corner like always then circles around, stops, beeps, and says "SET TOOL ABOVE MARK", what does that mean?

#2 HP-Sonia 7 months ago

On the picture provided the opos sensor is on the final barcode, but in order to start cutting, the opos sensor should be placed on the first one.

In addition, once you press the play button and after positioning the opos sensor on the first barcode, on the cutter screen should appear the job id. Job id is the number associated with the printed job that contains the cutting information so if in the screen is not appearing this information there is an issue of connectivity between cutter printer and RIP. Ensure that you set up properly the printer and the cutter IP using HP cutter control APP not just from RIP.

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