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HP Latex 360 - White Screen (HP Logo) Frozen

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 cj5240 12 months ago

Our company uses an HP Latex 360 printer, recently when we booted it up we were presented with a white screen with the HP logo on it. This screen does not change and we are unable to do anything with the printer. I have attached an image for a reference. Can anyone assist me with this dilemma, or at least provide some insight as to what the problem may be?

Thank you.

#2 HP-ayelenfernandez 11 months ago

#1 Hi cj5240,

I would suggest to contact your reseller for this kind of support.

Looking forward to hearing from you again, Regards.

#3 stampa5107 11 months ago

i got similar problem 60 days after the warranty expiration. I was quoted 2600 euro to fix this. Luckily the printer managed to boot by itself after i left it unplugged for 2 weeks...

#4 paulelw 8 months ago

Your Hard Drive could be failing. A service technician would need to perform a recovery before replacing it. You can also reinstall the firmware or wait for a newer version when released.

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