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HP Latex 360 - Firmware update package is corrupted - I have NEXUS_00_06_02.10

HP Latex 300 Series

#1 Invid 9 months ago

I am connected to the internet. I have tried updating the firmware manually and through the printers screen. I just can't seem to update my HP Latex 360 to the latest firmware update which is NEXUS_01_14_00.5

I have version NEXUS_00_06_02.10 installed currently. Do you think it is because I have an old firmware and I cannot upgrade to the latest version? If so how can I upgrade in steps? Please help!!! I just got this printer used from someone.

#2 HP-Sonia 9 months ago

#1 Yes, this is the cause. You are using an old firmware, unfortunately we cannot provide it from here. You need to contact your support services in order to do the upgrade.

#3 Invid 9 months ago

#2 Is this a common issue? I called tech support, provided the serial number, but they said there is no registered owner. I purchased this printer used. One of my media vendors told me NOT to update the firmware, because of bug issues. If it's working, don't bother updating. What is your opinion?

#4 kelvin.ng5186 9 months ago

#3 for each fw official release from hp is recommended to update, each update have different fixed or improvement.

#5 Invid 9 months ago

#4 said

HP Latex 360 - Firmware update package is corrupted - I have NEXUS_00_06_02.10

Is there an area that I can download each file?

#6 9 months ago

#5 On each printer section of this platform you will find a direct link to Firmware:

#7 Invid 9 months ago

#6 This site only provides the latest Firmware update for the HP Latex 360. I need to download an earlier version. I have a very old firmware installed on my HP Latex 360. It seems that I cannot go from a very old firmware to the latest one. Is there a site I can download previous versions of firmware? There has to be something available.

I got this printer used.

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