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HP Latex 315 print quality

HP Latex 315 Printer

#1 MikeF81 a month ago

Hoping someone can shed some light, please see image attached. I'm printing on Drytac Retac substrate, and the brighter colors tend to come out with fine lines. I have used the sponge kit to clean, lubricant, and performed the internal print head maintenance function of the printer.

#2 jennabedell6499 a month ago

Ahhh I know exactly what it is, I do this every 6 months

Settings > Image Quality Maintenance > Clean Printheads > Test Print.

#3 MikeF81 a month ago

Thanks for the reply! I did the test and it printed the attached. Can you advise on the next step?

#4 jennabedell6499 a month ago

Super simple and happy to help! You have to pull out the test print page and have a look at each of the colors. If any of them look streaky, you need to replace that print head. I cant really tell from the pics you attached.

#5 paulelw 3 weeks ago

#1 Based on your diagnostic print you would need to at least change your

Number 2 Printhead - Light Cyan/light Magenta

Number 6 Printhead - Magenta/Yellow

It is a little hard to see quality of the other heads from your photo but these 2 printheads being changed would be a good start. Do them both at the same time so they get aligned with the least amount of media wastage.

#6 MikeF81 3 weeks ago

#4 Thank you!

#7 MikeF81 3 weeks ago

#5 Thank you !!

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